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December 20, 2008:


Is it edible, taxable or both??

After a trip to Mega-Store –  Walmart last week with family and friends, I was quite surprised by what you can and cannot buy with the ‘infamous government endorsed’ Food Stamp Program.

Firstly, who decides what is edible? I mean, come on… aren’t cookies just plain cookies whether they’re in a foil bag, cardboard box, tin can or plastic wrapper?

So imagine this… You go shopping for Christmas cookies. You want chocolate chips or sugar cookies and decide you’d like those in a decorative can.


Walmart; the week before the big holiday. Shopping for cookies and find they’re in a decorated tin ‘Christmas’ can.
You decide you’ll have certain brand and proceed to the checkout.

Arriving there; you’ve finished and pay with your State Issued Access Food Stamp card.

You’ve purchased nothing but food (edible) items.

The cashier says that will be forty – three twenty – six in stamps and three twenty – one in cash; including tax.

Tax? Humm… Tax; for what? Suddenly there’s tax on food items?

Suppose we imposed a tax on food? For example… Red Bull®, Slim Fast® or Wrigley’s Gum®…

Which company would benefit from the huge corporate write-off?

So where do we draw the line? Consumers need to speak up when they’re in the know.

Gum is something you chew. It was never meant to be ingested, swallowed or digested. This could remain in your digestive track for up to four years. (So we’ve been taught) But point is, you may purchase gum with food stamps because it’s deemed to be edible.

You can stock up the Red Bull® even though it’s an ‘energy drink’.

We can buy Slim Fast;  nothing but a delicious ‘diet aid/ protein drink’ which is edible?

How about chewing tobacco, vitamin water, Cocktail drink mixes?

Now; compare edible with taxable and see what we deduce!

Why not include beer, wine and chewing tobacco on the list of edibles!